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Non-Woven Polyester and PolypropyIene Geotextile


GEOTEXTILE is a non woven geotextile that produced needle punched technology and thermally treated as to be separator and protector material. GEOTEXTILE is produced short cut polyester or polypropylene staple fiber.

Fields of Application

  • GEOTEXTILE is using as reduce settlement of weak soil, stabilization of earth and formation of non-linear local settlements.
  • GEOTEXTILE has to be overlap underneath the geotextile corner of edge minimum 25 cm to avoid sliding while backfilling process.
  • Protection of waterproofing board on roofs and terraces.
  • Protection of external thermal insulation board on roofs or terraces.
  • Protection of liquid waterproofing membrane on roofs or terrace or balconies.
  • Protection of waterproofing liner as PVC, TPO, LLDPE, or HDPE on water tanks or pools.
  • Protection of thin screed and topping concrete layer.

Features and Benefits

  • Made by pure stable fibers.
  • Needled homogenously and properly.
  • Needling number and freguency are adjustable.
  • Line speed is adjustable.
  • Fiber length and size (denier / diameter) are adjustable.
  • Thermal treatment temperature is adjustable.
  • Thermal treatment roll pressure is adjustable.
  • Fiber blend and mixing and crimp are adjustable.
  • Produces up to 6 meter width and 500 meter length.

Application Procedure
Application Method

GEOTEXTILE must be applied on ready surface tighly and properly in order to assure full surface contact without any flexion. GEOTEXTILE has to be overlap underneath the GEOTEXTILE corner or edge minimum 25 cm to avoid sliding while backfilling process.


  • Width : 1 m to 6 m
  • Weigth : 100 to 1200 gr/m²
  • Length : 25 m or more
  • Color : White, black, grey, mixing color

Quality Assurance Control

Control the quality of raw materials, components, production processes and finished products.

All raw materials, fibers or components required for the production of our geosynthetics undergo strict quality control at every stage. Raw materials must be provided by suppliers that meet international standards.

In the production process of all geosynthetics, strict quality assurance measures have been implemented. In order to ensure quality, an independent quality inspection department has been established and a first-class quality inspection laboratory has been established

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